01. What is an escape room?

An escape room is a game in which a team of players discover clues, solve puzzles and complete tasks in one or more rooms to accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.

02. How do I reserve a room?

Simply click the “Book Now” button, choose a room, date and time, number of players, and pay the fees with your debit or credit card. Alternatively, you can call 509.919.4975 and we’ll place your booking for you.

03. Can I walk in, or do I need an appointment?

We strongly suggest making a booking. If you walk in and we do not have an availability, you may be turned away. Please either book online or give us a call.

04. Once I've placed a booking, can I add more players?

Sure! As long as you won’t be exceeding the max number of players for the room, feel free to bring your extra players along and we’ll collect from them at the time of your booking.

05. How old do I have to be to play?

We strongly suggest our guests be 11 years old or older. Puzzle difficulty, stress, and the fear factor may keep young children from enjoying the escape room experience. All minors MUST be accompanied by at least one adult in the room. No one will be turned away based on age, however, all guests who enter the room must pay.

06. How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the duration of the room and number of players. To see pricing, click ‘BOOK NOW’ choose a room, day, time and the number of people in your party.

07. Is there a minimum for players?

Only on Saturdays. We do require a minimum player number of 4 to book on Saturday. Any other day is fine to book for fewer. If you want to play with 3 or fewer people on a Saturday, you’ll have to book (and pay) for 4.

08. How long does it take?

You’ll have either 60 or 75 minutes to complete the room, based on the theme you choose. Please arrive 15 minutes PRIOR to your booking start time to allow time for waivers, lockers, restroom breaks, and intro videos.

09. Is there parking?

Yes, and it’s free.

10. What if I can't make my reservation time?

If you find you can’t make your scheduled booking time, please call and let us know as soon as possible. Cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled booking time will not be refunded.

11. Can I play buzzed?

Absolutely not. Please arrive for your booking sober from alcohol and other intoxicants. Escape rooms are a mental exercise, you’ll need all your brain cells! If the Think Tank staff suspects that anyone in your party has been drinking or using drugs prior to or during your experience, you may be removed from the premises and your fees will not be refunded.

12. How many people can I bring?

The max number of guests depends on the room. If you have a larger party than is recommended, please give us a call and we’ll see if we can accommodate you. Space Mission: Guardian has a max of 10 players, with no exceptions.

13. Will I have to escape the room with strangers?

No. All our rooms are private.