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Varying Difficulty


75 Minutes

Ages 11+

Varying Intensity

The Murdoch & Co Apothecary has been left abandoned for nearly 100 years.  The mystery surrounding the Murdoch family and the curse that fell upon them has never been solved. Founded in 1811 by Joseph Murdoch, the Murdoch & Co Apothecary was passed down for 3 generations. Mystery has surrounded the Murdoch family since the 1830’s when after nearly dying from Scarlet Fever, Joseph’s daughter Elizabeth made a miraculous and almost instant recovery. Rumors of a “deal with the devil” were whispered about among the locals. Those rumors only intensified when  after his death, Elizabeth began collecting cursed objects from around the globe only to hide them away somewhere in the Apothecary. 

 It’s now up to you to solve the mystery of the Murdoch & Co Apothecary and the family that owned it.  The shop sits exactly as it did the last night Joseph’s grandson; William locked the door for the last time before his untimely death in 1915.  Over 100 years later, stories of ghosts, evil spirits and worse are still told around town. Luckily, you’re not afraid… or are you?

The Apothecary room offers varying intensity levels from Non-Scary to Blood Chilling! You can choose the intensity and difficulty level at the time of your booking.

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