Mayan Doomsday

Varying Difficulty


60 Minutes

Ages 11+

The legend of the Mayan Calendar ending in the year 2012 was a misinterpretation! New evidence has conclusively shown that the end of the world as depicted in ancient Mayan glyphs was off by a few years. Your boss, Dr. Juan Mendez, director of the National Museum of Archaeology, has been working at the site of a possible discovery deep in the Guatemalan jungle for months. He may have found something! He tells you that in the eleventh hour, he thinks he’s found a way to appease the Gods and save the world, but that he needs your help. His information was vague at best, but to make matters worse, your last few attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful.

You and your crew set out to find him, because according to his findings, time is running out. As you travel through the country, you realize the panic has set in. People are rioting in the streets, and the entire world is holding its breath in anticipation of an apocalyptic event. By the time you arrive, you only have about an hour to search Dr. Mendez’ tent for clues, traverse the jungle, finish what he started and save the world from certain apocalypse!

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