Space Mission: Guardian

Varying Difficulty


75 Minutes

Ages 11+

48" Minimum Height

Humanity is facing its biggest challenge to survival yet! A mystery pathogen is ravaging the population of Earth and the only hope for a cure is floating on an abandoned space station orbiting the planet. Your team has been selected to take on this nearly impossible challenge: SPACE — Mission: Guardian. A transport ship is fueled and ready to launch at a desert facility. Your mission: board the transport ship, successfully navigate to the abandoned military space station and locate the antiserum that may just be the human race’s last hope for survival.

To be successful your team will have to endure the stresses of launch and space flight, stabilize a long-abandoned space station and somehow access the frozen storage area of the station to retrieve the needed antiserum. Along the way, you’ll surely run into problems that require teamwork, communication, split-second decision making and problem solving. Can you survive the mission and save the world?

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